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We will take your digital brand to the next level.

Our service

Our main objective is to help increase your digital presence and expand your reach. This is how we do it.

Content Curation

We will create daily content that will engage and captivate an audience aiding your brand.

Brand Strategy

Within our content we will apply specific strategies to get the best results for your unique brand

Hashtag Generation

We will create a databank of hashtags for your brand to draw the most reach to your brand.

Our past clients

Acctex helped us develop an online presence it has since been the main medium for customer accusations. They have a 100% moneyback guarantee so there is no risk at all. Great experience working with them

Acctex helped us catch up to our competitors in terms of social media presence. If you are starting off they are the best they helped guide the team along the way. They have a moneyback guarantee so go for it there's no risk.

Our offers

One media channel

  • Hyper-focused approach with an emphasis on growth.

  • Instagram as a starting point to launch your presence.

  • Great for restaurants, real-estate agents and medical practices.

Omnichannel Approach

  • Amazing option for larger companies seeking aggressive growth channels.

  • Using various platforms as a launching point.

  • Best for E-commerce brands looking for organic growth generation.

Our promise

If we don't achieve the goals we outlined or you are not adequately satisfied we will give you your money back.

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